Timeline of Disclosure


Donald Trump wins the election. Google begins a long road of censorship.

  • November
    • Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election.
    • Google has their now famous TGIF meeting to talk about the election, see Breitbart Article about leaked-video-gooogle-leadership..
      • CEO Sundar Pichai admits Google used "machine learning" to censor "fake news".
      • Sergie Brin: 'I was personally offended at the Election of Donald Trump'
      • CTO: Broke down in tears because "it looks like ... we are going to lose this election."
  • December
    • Google releases an internal presentation on how to combat fake news and demonetize sites using Google Ads.
      • <INSERT LINK "Google Efforts to address fake news">
      • Examples of 'Fake News' includes events that actually took place.
        • "...Hillary sold weapons to ISIS..."
        • "FBI Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Appartment Murder Suicide"
      • Policy Updates
        • "With this update we disallow sites that mislead users..."
        • "...we will restrict ad serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher's content, or the primary purpose of the web properties."


Zach Vorhies discovers Google's secret censorship program called "Machine Learning Fairness" and begins archiving the internal documents offline. Google commits an act of sedition against President Trump. Black lists are introduced using the Las Vegas massacre using 'fake news' as a justification. Cold fusion research website is knocked off the Google search index by malicious insiders.

  • February
    • 2nd
      • Radical employees within Google attempt to cut off Breitbart from it's Ad-Revenue source, citing "hate speech". This follows a compaign by radical marxist orginization known as "sleeping giants"
  • May
    • 31st
      • Trump returns from Saudi Arabia, tweets "Despite the constant negative press, covfefe"
      • translate.google.com converts "covfefe" from arabic to english: "we will stand up"
  • June
    • 1st
      • New York Times writes an article saying that the word "covfefe" is nonsense.
      • Google executive writes a memo to remove the definition of "covfefe", citing the NY Times article.
        • Censorship ("derrida-team") at Google removes the word "covfefe" from their translation dictionary.
          • Was the "derrida-team" name a reference to Jacque Derrida, the Father of post-modernism that advocated for the destruction of Western Civilization through the manipulation of language? Interesting coincidence.
    • 7th
      • Washington Post pens an article "Trump opponents have rediscovered the 25th Amendment. Here is what you should know about it."
        • "... it clearly applies if a president is incapacitated from some other mental or physical inability."
    • 20th
      • Stream Event: Internal YouTube conference event for hundreds of YouTube employees.
        • In front of all attendees on stage, CEO Susan discloses that YouTube will now combat fake news and amplify "Authoritative Content".
  • October
    • 1st
      • Las Vegas Massacre Happens
      • Google/YouTube announce a "code-red" effort to combat "fake news" that is suddenly appearing on the internet.
    • 2nd
      • Two black lists are introduced
        • YouTube Black List
        • Google Search black list
          • "Fake news" sites include
            • BBC.co.uk, cnn.com, foxnews.com, heavy.com and many mainstream media sites.


Censorship ramps up with waves of censorship. YouTube channels are being demonetized and terminated. One YouTube content creator becomes irrate and commits a mass shooting against YouTube main campus. Google's censorship ramps up.

  • April

    • Nassim commits a mass shooting at YouTube.
      • Why? Because Google demonetized her videos, cutting off her only source of income.
      • How? Nassim traveled from San Diego to San Bruno. She found a way into the campus lunch area and opened fire.
      • Where? 901 Cherry Ln, San Bruno 94066. This was the same building that Zach Vorhies worked at.
      • How did it end? The shooting ended when Nassim turned the gun on herself and emptied the final bullet into her chest.
      • Oddities
        • The media reported that the shooter was a woman. However Zach Vorhies reported that it was a male to the media. On closer inspection from still pictures of the videos by the shooter, it's clear that Nassim was a transgender male to female.
        • Nassim's father worked for the Iranian Intelligence agency IRNA.
        • Nassim's parents reported that they informed the mountain view police that their daughter was traveling to YouTube and might shoot up the building. The police even intercepted Nassim the night before, but let her go, after they had found her sleeping in her car at the Google Mountainview campus.


Google and YouTube continue to ramp up censoring. The alternative health industry sees massive censorship and collapse of user traffic from Google censoring. Zach decides to resign then blow the whistle.