Black Lists of Google

youtube img black list

Google's black lists have been exposed in the google leak.

YouTube black list

This is the most popular file from the Google leaks.

This black list contains input-phrases for the computer system known as "Twiddler", which is a part of Google's "Machine Learning Fairness" system.

Black listed phrases include:

  • las vegas shooting
  • is stephen paddock a democrat
  • cancer cure
  • cure cancer
  • The 8th Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland
  • Tony Bourdain suicide
  • gop train crash assassination attempt

Readers may notice that the first third of this black list is entirely related to black listing phrases related to the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre on October 1st 2017. This mass casualty event was used as justification for inserting this black list, and then the black list never was removed. Infact it grew in size.

Page level domain restriction for Las Vegas shooting massacre

This black list was inserted into the Google systems on Oct. 1st 2017. Most of the entries are related to the Las Vegas shooting massacre. What's interesting is that nuclear energy site was also on this list.

Google Now Censorship

Google Now is an Android App that aggregated many of Google's services together. It also had a black list of news sites.